Our company has a brand new boat  The Ctaamaran Lagoon 42, named “Dimitra” , a 2017 construction and with Yanmar 4JH engines.

All the engines of the sailboat are in excellent condition as we have a second family business the authorized service of Yanmar in Athens where we have been active for many consecutive years in the field of diesel engines.
Our business name is Dalezios Iakovos and sia E.E. Our head office is located in Pireaus, 6 Elikonos str. However, our enterprises cover the whole of Greece. We also boast a wide range of stocked spare parts, brand new and second-hand not to mention the ability to sell engines.
Every year we see to any necessary repairs and maintenance of the engines on each one of our sailboats taking special care and always in accordance to the specifications of each engine such as:

Replacement of engine filters and cleaning wherever necessary.
Replacement of engine oils, gear box and the inspection of the paraflou.
Inspection and replacement of the engine’s belt.
Inspection for possible damages or leaks.
Dislocation of water trap, cleaning and replacement of its accessories.
Inspection of pump and replacement of impeller.
Cleaning of oil network and sea filter.
Inspection of alternator and starter.
Inspection of injectors, bearing.
Inspection of engine base and alignment.
Replacement of zinc anode refrigerator engine.