Kyklades (Aegean Sea)

Kyklades (Aegean Sea)

The islands of Kyklades and Dodekanisa offer a adventurous journey because their strong winds are between 4-7 beaufort. The so called ‘Meltemia’ that exist during the summer months are mainly North-Eastern and can abruptly reach 7-9 beaufort.

The islands of Kyklades


The main port of Andros is Gavros .Here you will find beaches that satisfy all tastes. It is an island with a lot of beaches that need special care as even in the summer months very strong northern winds blow due to its position.


It is the official capital of the Kyklades and is situated exactly in the center. It has a large and safe port where the first thing you notice as you enter the port are the houses that are spread out on two mountains with the two churches. The Catholic church of St George and The Orthodox church of Anastaseos of Sotiros, both at the top of the mountains. All the shops, taverns and cafes are found at the port.


With its authentic small picturesque villages Tinos is a place for those who desire the peaceful and traditional way of life and for those who also are lovers of the Greek cuisine. Many Greeks visit Tinos as a token of honor to the impressive church of The Mother Jesus.


A place where many tourists visit from all over the world and crash its beaches. They call it ‘Little Venice’. It combines the intense nightlife of the island with its beautiful scenery. However,
if you desire quiet beaches you can visit Agios Sostis and Foko that are situated on the northern part of the island or Kapari that is found on the Northwest side of the island.


The port of Serifos is Livadi where you can anchor in specific places in the new dock. For any information even for refueling you can contact the port authorities of Serifos (2281051470-channel VHF:12).If you do not find a place in the dock you can anchor offshore. If you prefer more peaceful surroundings you can anchor at Megalo Livadi but it must be said that the dock is small with limited spaces. Offshore you can anchor near the beaches of Koutala and Ganema.


One of the most beautiful islands of Kyklades with its countless magical beaches and caves that can only be explored by sea. For refueling and basic benefits you anchor at the marina of Adamanta where it is advised you first contact the port authorities at +3022870 22100 and 23360. Other places and bays you can anchor at depending on the weather are Pollonia which is at the northern end of the island, Agios Dimitrios which is at the southern end, Provatas, Kleftiko, Paliohori,etc.


The visitors to this island can anchor at Katapola and at Ormos Aigialis.It is the most easterly situated island of the group and became well-known from the movie ‘Le Grand Bleu’ by the French Luc Besson. It is a romantic destination for anyone who prefers a quiet and relaxing vacation.


Sailboats can anchor in Parikia where there are a lot of spaces even for yachts, in Livadi with a depth of 4 meters where there is water supply, electricity and a w.c and in Naousa which also caters for sailboats with a depth of 3 meters and offers supplies and basic facilities.VHF 12 to contact the marina for entrance permission.


Every year Santorini attracts large crowds of tourists from all over the world for its architecture, the impressive volcano,medicinal baths and fierce nightlife.


It is situated to the west of Mykonos and it provides a small port on its western side where it accommodates tourist boats.


The biggest island of Kyklades that is different from the rest. It combines beautiful beaches with deep blue waters and green landscapes. The best beach to visit is Agios Prokopios.


Known also as Tzia, it is the closest island to Attica as it is only 16 nautical miles from Lavrio. Every one of its beaches has its own beauty and can satisfy even the most demanding visitor. You can anchor in the beautiful natural port Vourkaki.
Contact number is +30 2288021344.


The Port or Gialos as called by the locals is one of the safest ports in The Aegean.For this reason it is also called ‘Little Malta’. The main town is only 2 km away on foot.


It is a popular destination for holidays on a sailboat because it is only 56 nautical miles away from the port of Piraeus and 26 from Lavrio.An island with large bays and countless beaches. You can anchor and refuel in Loutra or in Panagias Kanalas where every summer it attracts many tourist boats in the port of Meriha but also other anchorage on the eastern and western coastlines. Special care must be taken in the reef between Ai Gianni and Ai Stefano the so called anchorage of the cow and the anchorage of Kanalas just before the cavo peninsula.


The port of Sifnos is called Kamares which is also the largest seaside village of the island and is 75 nautical miles away from Marina Alimou. Places where you can anchor to refuel and seek entertainment is Kamares(port authorities contact no. 2284033617) and Platis Gialos.
For offshore anchoring and peace and quiet there is Faros, Vathi, Ifasollou, Seralia, Vroulida and finally Hrysopigi.


A quiet but friendly island with a small dock called Alopronia and a sandy beach. With the boat you can go to beaches that can not be reached by car, eg.Dialiskari, Malta and the magnificent Ellinika which has pebbles.


Small without any tourist development. On the southern side of the island there are many sandy beaches such as Limani, Klisidi, Banastiri, Mega Potamo, Megalo and Mikro Poukouna, Katsouni, etc. Whereas on the northern side of the island the beaches are rocky.


It is 87 nautical miles away from Piraeus with a port called Psathi. It’s quite a small island but with heavenly beaches and many caves.