Eptanisa is a group of seven islands plus a few smaller ones that are found in the Ionio Sea.
The seven main islands are Kerkira, Paksous, Leukada, Ithaki, Zakynthos, Kythira and Kefalonia which is the biggest is of the Eptanisa.
Eptanisa also includes small islands such as Antipaksous, Kalamo, Antikythira, Makri, Drakona, Modi,etc.

The islands of The Ionio are ideal for holidays with a sailboat because of their light winds and their magical landscapes.
Here you will explore the award-winning exotic beaches with the deep blue waters and the wilderness of the towering cliffs that hide them. The architecture in the towns of these islands have been influenced by the Venetians boasting many medieval castles, monasteries and cosmopolitan shops which are packed with tourist every summer.