Saronic Gulf

Start off your holiday by travelling just a short distance from Marina Alimou to the islands of the Saronikou Gulf. The Saroniko Gulf usually has calm waters that flow North at a speed of 2-4 beaufort which gradually lets up by the evening. The maximum depth of the gulf is 416 meters extending west to the volcano of Methano and has great shipping significance for sea travel in Greece. There is a lot of activity in the Argosaroniko towards all directions for the Greek islands and as a result you need to be very cautious of the ship liners that leave the port of Piraeus.

The islands of Argosaronikou include Aigina, Agistri, Poro, Ydra, Spetses, Agios Georgios, etc .Each has its own beauty, its blue waters and picturesque bays. They are all tourist locations with organised beaches, hotels, restraunts, traditional taverns and shops.


Aigina is one of the most popular destinations for anyone travelling by sailboat due to its close proximity to the harbors of Attica. In Aigina you can anchor your sailboat at the central harbors of Souvala ,Perdika, Agia Marina but also in small bays and beaches always keeping in mind the shallow waters and reefs not to mention abiding by the rules of safe anchoring.


Agistri is about an hour away from Aigina by boat and has two natural habours, Skala and Megalohori.
Sailboats and yachts anchor there and refuel in Milo which is how the locals call Megalohori. Beaches worth visiting are Dragoneras, Marezas with its deep water and exotic Aponiso. You can also visit the small islands around Agistri, eg .Metopi, Dorousa and Spalathronisi.


Another popular destination with a sailboat is Poros which is situated in the center of the Saroniko Gulf. If you are not able to anchor in its port there are alternative bays such as, Rossikou Navarhiou, Agapis, Neoriou and Gerolimenas.


Ydra is situated at the southerners part of the Argosaronikos. As you approach its port you can see the town of Ydra which is spread over two cliffs displaying old preserved buildings, the old port with its cannons, the museums and the small cobbled streets without a glimpse of any car. A place that combines its picturesque landscape with a cosmopolitan lifestyle.
You can also stop a little before Ydra at Doko which is a small island with calm waters and trees that reach its coastline.


A small romantic island with a lighthouse in the old port but definitely not peaceful due to its vigorous nightlife. It is an island of great historic significance as the heroic battleships of 1822 fought here and there is a reenactment of this battle on the second weekend of September every year. There is also the traditional house of Laskarina Bouboulina, the only female admiral in history.
Anchoring your sailboat in the central dock is forbidden but towards the west there is a jetty for mooring. Otherwise there is also the old port (Ormos Baltiza).