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Summer in Greece is the ideal place to experience the ultimate holiday with countless indulging moments. Greece offers a large variety of breathtaking landscapes, heavenly beaches with crystal clear waters and delicious mouth watering specialties making it a ‘must’ destination.

The warm climate and hot sun is a significant factor for choosing to have your holiday in Greece. The perfect climate conditions allow visitors to enjoy each season and at any time of the day all over the country.

Despite the recent economic difficulties, Greece still remains one of the most picturesque and inviting destinations in the world. For this reason, every year various magazines, tv programmes, travel agencies and visitors recommend it without hesitation and have nothing but the best to say about this beautiful country.

One such example is in Forbes magazine which did a photographic tribute to Greece and alongside features the views of Ileana Von Hirsch who is of Greek descent and now a famous tourist agent and blogger in London. She does not hesitate to urge the readers of the magazine to visit Greece in summer, characteristically saying that “Once you swim in the waters of a Greek island and indulge in the carefree lifestyle there’s no turning back!”

A holiday on a sailboat is one of the best choices we recommend as a company. The reason being that Greece has countless islands in close proximity to each other that allow you to improvise and change course depending on your mood and your idea of the kind of holiday you desire.

Each island is a different experience, not only can you anchor your sailboat at secluded beaches and relish in their diverse shades of blue but you can also enjoy the food and night life by anchoring in any organized island marine port in the evenings. The nights can be different for you at every port that you visit as you can walk through the winding little cobbled streets, taste fresh fish and local wine while you become one with the crowd that revels till the morning.

Hire one of our sailboats and have an unforgettable holiday as every boat ride to the Greek islands is a voyage into the ancient and modern history of Greece. Caution needs to be taken as you enter each port as there are shallow waters and reefs. It is advised you study the map of each island you visit first.

Come to experience and tell us and your friends about your adventures and carefree holiday. Bring along your family and friends as it will be our pleasure to meet you and get the chance to build a friendly and trustworthy relationship. Together we will create the holiday of your dreams.

Greece with its many different islands offers magical holidays combining peace and relaxation together with the opportunity to taste the Greek way of entertainment. We will suggest places that are worth visiting and exploring.