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Dodekanisa or Dodekanisos

Dodekanisa unlike Kyklades are famous for their colorful and lavish landscapes. With so many choices you can choose whatever kind of holidays you desire. From cosmopolitan with a wide variety of entertainment and lively beaches to more peaceful ones in some quiet village with friendly locals and secluded beaches.

The largest and most well known island of Dodekanisa is Rhodes with its valley of butterflies where every year thousands of butterflies callimorphia quadripunctaria appear and with its impressive medieval town. Other historic islands are Patmos and Kos, Leros, Nysiros, Symi, Astypalea, Kalymnos, Kasos, Kasteloryzo and Tilos.

Some others include Agathonysi,Alimia,Arki,Halki,Farmakonisi,Giali,Kinaros,Levitha,Marathos,Nimos,Pserimos,Saria,Stroggyli,Syrna and Telenthos.

Kyklades (Aegean Sea)

The islands of Kyklades and Dodekanisa offer a adventurous journey because their strong winds are between 4-7 beaufort. The so called ‘Meltemia’ that exist during the summer months are mainly North-Eastern and can abruptly reach 7-9 beaufort.

The islands of Kyklades


Start off your holiday by travelling just a short distance from Marina Alimou to the islands of the Saronikou Gulf. The Saroniko Gulf usually has calm waters that flow North at a speed of 2-4 beaufort which gradually lets up by the evening. The maximum depth of the gulf is 416 meters extending west to the volcano of Methano and has great shipping significance for sea travel in Greece. There is a lot of activity in the Argosaroniko towards all directions for the Greek islands and as a result you need to be very cautious of the ship liners that leave the port of Piraeus.

The islands of Argosaronikou include Aigina, Agistri, Poro, Ydra, Spetses, Agios Georgios, etc .Each has its own beauty, its blue waters and picturesque bays. 


Eptanisa is a group of seven islands plus a few smaller ones that are found in the Ionio Sea.
The seven main islands are Kerkira, Paksous, Leukada, Ithaki, Zakynthos, Kythira and Kefalonia which is the biggest is of the Eptanisa.
Eptanisa also includes small islands such as Antipaksous, Kalamo, Antikythira, Makri, Drakona, Modi,etc.

The islands of The Ionio are ideal for holidays with a sailboat because of their light winds and their magical landscapes.

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